Here’s my theory with the caveat I’m a huge Sanders supporter and backed Obama, whatever was said is probably tame in total. But that doesn’t mean given the ability to go through a half dozen to dozen speeches would oppo people be able to tease out outrageous statements but only because they intentionally leave out the rest of the surrounding words and Clinton is more than aware of that and that the media is lazy, stupid and prone to jumping on band wagons so she’s in a total political catch-22. I think it’s like the emails, no big deal because all Secretary of States that worked under email’s existence operated like Clinton. The fact that they she was paid for those speeches, however, I do find a big deal as she knew was going to be running for President. She also knew Wall Street is like the mafia and they want to know you too are corrupt and have a secret stash of blood diamonds you got on the cheap through Jerry Falwell’s Praise Jesus Smuggle Express planes and Jesus loving slave ran diamond mines, or at least that’s how the story goes around the camp fire at liberal summer camps.

On Trotter’s belief that this is some sort of elaborate trial balloon controlled release, that seems unlikely and a somewhat complicated process fraught with potential for somebody spilling the beans for their big pay out from the right wing hackery machine. If a reporter explodes with an expose it would behoove all of journalism to see what that person’s background is because if there is a reporter with some speeches and it wasn’t authorized then they were probably bought by somebody like a Koch brother and given to a favored reporter from their giant harem of reporters.


If Clinton wants a release she would most likely do it on a Saturday afternoon along with hundreds of other speeches she gave to other organizations that are already public record to try and bury things in an avalanche and hope the clock runs out on the media’s interest in the story before something genuine is found.

That’s the junkie pundit take on it.

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